New App Allows You To Take 3DS Screenshots


Japanese 3DS owners will soon be able to take screenshots in Animal Crossing: New Leaf or Tomodachi Collection and upload them to Twitter or Tumblr.

Taking and sharing screenshots of your favorite PC game is easy: most games have a dedicated screenshot button, and failing that, a simple print screen followed by pasting it into MSpaint usually does the trick. But taking screenshots on consoles, specifically handhelds likes the Nintendo 3DS, has always been pretty difficult. You usually either need special equipment, or you have to be playing an illegal rom. Nintendo, in keeping up with the world of social media dominating every aspect of our lives, will soon be offering a way for us to take and share screenshots on its 3DS console with its new Screenshot Tool application.

Sadly, at this point, the Screenshot Tool will be restricted to Japanese 3DS owners, and only work in two games: Animal Crossing: New Leaf and Tomodachi Collection. Owners will be able to take screenshots in-game by pressing R and L simultaneously in Animal Crossing, or X and Y in Tomodachi Collection. The screenshots will be saved to the 3DS’s SD card. They can then visit a website on their handheld via a QR code, which will allow them to upload the screenshot to their social media outlet of choice. The 3DS must be connected to the internet to use the tool.

Currently, only Twitter and Tumblr will be available for upload via the tool, but since the screenshots will be saved to the SD card, there’s nothing to stop you physically plugging the card into your PC, copying across the screenshots and uploading them wherever you please.

There’s no word on when, or if this feature will come to the US or any other 3DS games, but we can probably assume that it will at some point.

Source: Nintendo Japan

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