Now you can hunt down your favorite Pokemon, or at least you can until the inevitable cease and desist arrives.

If you’ve played any Ark: Survival Evolved, you know that it involves staying alive while hunting down and killing or taming dinosaurs. But what if you were hunting down something more fantastical. For instance, you could be hunting down your favorite Pokemon.

That’s the premise of a new mod titled Pokemon Evolved. It’s a total conversion of Ark that replaces the dinosaurs with Pokemon. You can hunt them down, and every kill earns credits. You can then spend those credits on weapons, consumable, and spawnable Pokemon. Of course, you can also tame the Pokemon you encounter. Resource gathering has been removed as well, so you just spend your time chasing down Pokemon.

There’s a list of available Pokemon over on the mod’s Steam Workshop page, and you can find some basic information about how things work in game in this Steam Community post.

Of course, you can’t see a mod like this without also seeing the almost inevitable cease and desist coming down the road. We saw what happened to Pokemon: Uranium last year, and it would be a surprise if this mod survives long enough to make it to a full release (it’s currently in alpha).

If you’re interested in checking it out, you can subscribe to it over on the Steam Workshop.

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