A new trailer for the Half-Life-inspired short film Beyond Black Mesa has been released and for a low-budget, fan-made project, it’s hot stuff indeed.

Gordon Freeman may be the G-Man’s go-to guy but, like every great strategist, he has a backup plan, too: Adrian Shephard, a particularly talented and durable U.S. Marine who was plucked from the Black Mesa meltdown at the end of Opposing Force. Valve hasn’t had much to say about him since, but he’s back and kicking Combine butt once again thanks to the team behind Beyond Black Mesa.

The “official” trailer for Beyond Black Mesa cuts a few short clips from the teaser that came out in July with a bunch of new footage and a little bit more of an insight into the plot. The G-Man has brought Shephard out of stasis and has him leading a small band of fighters to “get the warning out” to City 17. What exactly they’re being warned about isn’t clear since I think everyone already knows that the world has been invaded by aliens, but it’s not terribly important either. Promotional trailers are about getting attention and looking cool, and this does both quite nicely.

Hopefully we’ll get to see the whole thing fairly soon; Kotaku said the film is finished and the Beyond Black Mesa channel on YouTube promised that the new trailer “will pack enough punch to hold you until the full film is released.” Until then, kick back and enjoy this little slice of indie film fun, and then find out more about what’s going on at beyondblackmesa.com!

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