New Championship Gaming Series 2007 Details Announced


The Championship Gaming Series (CGS) announced today that worldwide salaries and bonuses for the 2007 season will exceed $5 million. Also announced were the official games and schedule in the North American region for 2007.

The official games in the North American region will be Counter-Strike: Source and FIFA 2007 on the PC, and Dead or Alive 4 and Project Gotham Racing 3 on the XBOX 360.

The CGS 2007 event schedule will feature online and live qualifiers where players will compete to enter the Regional Combine, which will take place June 8-10 at Fox Studios in Los Angeles.

Winners of the Regional Combine will then be drafted onto one of six city-based teams at the 2007 CGS Draft, on June 12 at the Playboy Mansion.

Each team will feature 10 athletes per team, each of whom will be a specialist in one on the league games. Five of the 10 team members will make up a Counter Strike:Source squad who will compete in five-on-five matches. FIFA 07 will be played one-on-one. Each team will have a mixed double team of two Dead or Alive 4 players, one male and one female who will play against other teams in one-on-one matches. And finally two players on each team will play Project Gotham Racing 3 in two-on-two matches.

Dates for CGS events in other parts of the world will be announced soon.

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