New Console Witcher Screenshots


The update enthusiasts at CD Projekt have released new screens for their console-bound remake of The Witcher.

Welcome to the bizarro gaming world, where console gamers get upgraded versions of PC titles. Today we focus on The Witcher: Rise of the White Wolf, the updated console version of the million-selling 2007 PC RPG.

Joking aside, The Witcher always felt like a good fit for consoles as the number-crunching commonly found in RPGs was pretty much absent. Rise of the White Wolf is being built from scratch, ditching the modified version of Bioware’s Aurora engine used in the PC version, and Atari has released some new screenshots to show us exactly how good it’s going to look.

A gallery of the new screenshots can be found here, along with some older ones as well. The Witcher: Rise of the White Wolf is due out in the Autumn.

Source: Kotaku

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