New Dark Souls “Boss Rush” Mod Lets You Focus on Bosses


A new mod for Dark Souls lets you hop from boss to boss to perfect taking them all down.

Dark Souls may be six years old, but there are still plenty of people who enjoy playing it, and plenty of mods to offer up new ways to experience it. Case in point: The new mod from modder Wulf2k, titled “Boss Rush.”

As you might guess from the name, Boss Rush has you take on each of the game’s bosses without spending any time on the trash mobs in between. You’ll have the option of two different game modes. In Regular Boss Rush, you take on the bosses in the order you encounter them in game, and in Reverse Boss Rush mode, you start with the game’s final boss, Gwyn, and work your way back to the beginning.

It seems like a way to test yourself against the game’s bosses, or practice on that one pesky boss you still haven’t beat. There is a caveat, though. As creator Wulf2k points out in this Reddit thread, “Don’t use a character where progress matters. The boss rush will mess with event flags and could leave your character’s world in an unfinishable state.”

If you’re interested, you can find the mod’s .EXE file at this link. It’s still in “Super-Mega-Pre-Alpha” mode, so keep that in mind before you dive in.

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