E3 2015

New Doom Gameplay Footage Is Bloody And Grim


Bethesda lifts the curtain on Doom

Marty Stratton took to the stage at Bethesda’s first E3 press conference to provide the first gameplay reveal of Doom featuring both single and multiplayer.

The single-player demo featured a balance of quiet, tense navigation through space age corridors and fast-combat with groups of demons. Weapon switching was shown to be managed with a wheel, and enemies drop resources (like health and ammo) which are collected automatically.

Weapons shown in the demo included a two shotguns (regular and “Super”), Plasma Rifle, and a chainsaw which cleaves enemies in two. A surprising amount of melee attacks were used as well, usually resulting in vicious executions.

In one of the demo’s more sober moments, we’re shown a computer system which the player uses to replay a holographic recreation of a demon killing the computer’s operator, so that the player can identify the correct corpse necessary to activate the system. Yeah. That’s a sober moment. Not long after, the demo concluded with the player being torn apart by a demon.

A second single-player demo later in the showed some of the Hell environments in the game.

Along with the gameplay footage, Stratton announced Doom Snapmap, a new system in which players will be able to create custom maps and game modes using an in-game builder.

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