New Dragon Age Awakening Trailer Provides Elf Breasts, Walking Trees


BioWare is slowly releasing mini-trailers for Awakening, it’s upcoming expansion to Dragon Age: Origins, and today’s features a pissed off elven lady.

It’s surprising that BioWare is ramping up the expansions for Dragon Age so soon, with Awakening due out March 16th in N.A. For the record, that’s a mere 5.5 months since the original was released. In order to quickly promote Awakening, they have been releasing a series of mini-trailers focusing on characters and monsters your Warden will meet in the land of Amaranthine, including a mage called Anders and the new Darkspawn baddies, The Children. In this one, you meet Velanna, a Dalish elf with a bone to pick. She sounds like she’s out for revenge and animates a few trees to back up her words.

Of course, she’s scantily clad. Why is it always so arid and hot in fantasy settings, but only for females? I mean, that’s the only reason that they show so much skin, right?


Also, BioWare is great at many things. Party-based combat. Convincing characters. But, damn, they sure can’t figure out how to adequately animate breasts. With Velanna, it doesn’t even look like they tried.

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