New Dreamcast Shooter, Redux: Dark Matters, Gets Limited Release


Better hurry if you want a copy, there’s only 1000 being made.

Even though Sega halted production of the Dreamcast in 2001, it never exactly died. While the beloved console hasn’t received any official support or releases in over a decade, dedicated indie teams are still releasing games for it. The latest one is the beautiful shoot-em-up entitled Redux: Dark Matters. Developed by Dreamcast veterans NG:DEV.TEAM and KTX Software, Redux is a neon-colored breath of life for the classic platform.

Redux: Dark Matters was birthed from the first wave of Kickstarter success stories, where it raised $53,000. It might have overshot its initial 2012 target by a few years, but it’s finally arrived. You can import a copy for €36 (about $50), or pony up a bit more for the special edition, complete with soundtrack. However, you’d best act soon if you want a piece of the action, as only 1000 copies of Redux are going to be pressed.

While the Dreamcast is obviously the way that God intended man to play shumps, the initial Kickstarter did mention a PC and iOS, just in case you don’t feel like importing the game from oversea. However, the developers seem to have gotten sidetracked with another game, Ghost Blade, so it’s unclear whether or not that’s still planned. Personally, I’m wondering if indie developers will be making releases for “that nostalgic console”, the Xbox 360, in a decade.

Source: Hucast Games via Eurogamer

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