Atari has confirmed that the box copy of EVE Online due for release next month will come with a few exclusive perks.

While Eve Online may be one of the stellar lights of the MMO community, it can have a bit of a steep learning curve.

You wouldn’t step out of Neriak into the Plane of Fear on Everquest, or take a train from Atlas Park into The Hive in City of Heroes, but your very first launch in Eve can get you podded by a Battlecruiser.

To this end, the new boxed edition of Eve has a few features for your learner pilot. 60 days of paid game time is a start, a faction boost (so that people are more likely to deal with you), a career guide, and an exclusive in game ship.

The “career guide” is there to help clarify what kind of roles are available in the game and offer goals to achieve and valuable advice on making your way in Eve‘s intimidating world. It’s not clear if this will be an in-game tool or a book.

But you want to know about the ship, don’t you? Well, it’s nothing ground breaking, being a small scout, but it’s faster and has more cargo space than the normal scout.

The faction boost also allows you to take part in the factional warfare introduced in last year’s Empyrean Age expansion without the need for faction grinding. And anything that alleviates grinding is always a good thing.

In addition to the 60 days of game time, purchasers will be able to extend a “VIP pass” to friends, offering an extended free trial to the friend and an additional 30 days to the player if the friend subscribes.

The retail version also comes with all the latest expansions, including “Apocrypha”, due out on March 10th. Apocrypha seeks to add unexplored space, modular ship designs, a reworked new-player experience and more.

Sounds like a bargain.

Source: Eurogamer

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