A new teaser trailer for the grudge-match-tastic Marvel vs. Capcom 3 introduces two new characters, including one that rhymes with “Fredpool”.

Hulk? Check. Ryu? Check. Wolverine? Check … wait, who’s that fighting over there? Aside the from the usual karateka fighting metal-boned berserkers and voluptuous vampires fighting technical geniuses, the new teaser trailer for MvC3 adds two new characters to the game’s roster. Both characters are armed with guns and swords, and both have a remarkable ability to absorb damage.

I don’t want to spoil the surprise, so you’ll have to watch the video to see who’s been added. I’d be pretty surprised if you haven’t already figured out one of them from the less-than-cryptic clue I gave earlier though.

There’s no gameplay footage, but the trailer does end on a cliffhanger, with a hint of some terrible calamity about to befall the world. More information will be coming next week, so just sit tight until then.

Source: Capcom Unity Blog

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