New Game Amy is Totally Not One Long Resident Evil Escort Mission

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Flashback creator Paul Cuisset and French developer Lexis Numérique are hard at work on Amy– a game that features no zombies whatsoever.

Game dev Lexis Numérique recently announced PSN exclusive Amy, a survival-horror game featuring a “rich, addictive and twisted story-based scenario” coming out in Quarter 2 of 2011. The plot will focus around a woman, Lana, living in a semi-apocolyptic 2034 full of natural disasters and freak weather brought on by runaway global warming. She wakes up in her midwest hometown of Silver City, which has been leveled by a comet, finding it plagued by a “mysterious virus” turning people into deranged, flesh eating monsters that are totally not zombies.

Aware that the virus is already at work inside of her, she must find a way to reverse the process, dodging “infected humans, grisly creatures, special forces, and even other survivors.” Along the way, Lana picks up the titular Amy, creepy little girl that Lana must protect.

Amy isn’t just a permanent case of escort-mission syndrome, however, and can actually be semi-useful, getting to places with her small size that Lana would never be able to access. Obviously important to the game, she is described as “neither a super warrior nor a docile character that follows you.”

If this game wasn’t already screaming the words “plot-driven” at you, the developers say that Amy’s presence “will force [Lana] to make choices that will change both their lives.” Do I hear moral choice system?

One interesting aspect of the game is that none of the combat will be necessary to play. Should you choose to play the game in a stealthy manner, you will be able to sneak around many of the combat situations that most games would force you to shoot your way through. That doesn’t mean sneaking will neccisarily be the easy way out, however, as there will be various types of enemies who will be able to detect sound, heat, and movement. The intelligent AIs, capable of communicating with each other and working in hordes, will also pose a challenge.

Source: Scrawl

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