New Hitman Movie in the Works, Game Coming Next Year

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Fox has gotten the ball rolling on a sequel to 2007’s Hitman movie, potentially scheduled for release next year along with the apparently 2010-bound Hitman 5.

I didn’t see the Hitman movie, but I assume that it was bad. Was I wrong or was I right? Oh well, it doesn’t really matter – after grossing $100 million in theaters and launching the careers of the girl from Quantum of Solace and the bad guy in Die Hard 4, Hitman is getting a sequel regardless of what any of us think.

According to IESB, 20th Century Fox has hired Kyle Ward to pen the script for Hitman 2: Hit Manner (title unconfirmed). Ward’s not inexperienced in the subtle art of the videogame to movie adaptation, having scripted the Kane & Lynch movie, which apparently stars Bruce Willis and is due to start production later this year.

The Hitman sequel will be based on the storyline for Hitman 5, and begin with Agent 47 in some kind of horrible state. Let’s hope that he didn’t decide to make like Max Payne and put on some pounds and forget how to do his laundry. According to IESB’s report, Hitman 5 is scheduled for release by the end of 2010, which could probably indicate a timeframe for the movie as well, if Fox decides to give us a double dose of Agent 47.

[Via Canmag]
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