New Japanese-Developed Bra Only Opens When a Woman is “In Love”


A Japanese lingerie company has developed an app and a bra as part of its “True Love Test,” which cannot be unhooked without “true love.”

Can you believe there’s a bra developed that only unhooks when the person wearing it is “in love?” This is what Japanese lingerie maker Ravijour has made with its “True Love Test” as part of its 10th anniversary. In the video explaining and demoing the technology, it states that people in love experience an “instant boost in excitement” that is unlike any other excitement people encounter in life. When this is triggered, the adrenal medulla then secretes “catecholamine,” which then affects the autonomic nerve and thus stimulates a person’s heart rate. The device works by sensing the woman’s heart rate signal and sends it to a special app via Bluetooth to be analyzed. Once done, the app calculates the “True Love Rate” based on changes to the woman’s heart rate over time and once it reaches a certain value, the bra unhooks automatically.

Currently, the “True Love Tester” is not for sale, but if you purchase 5,000 Yen (around $50) worth of Ravijour lingerie, you can then enter a draw to win a chance to test it out at hotels in six different cities across Japan.

Needless to say, this is something parents and women might be interested in to make sure any activity done is made out of love and not out of any spur-of-the-moment ideas or intoxication. Of course, this is with the belief that how the app analyzes love is the real deal.

Would you want this bra to be available commercially or would it cause more problems than it solves?

Source:IT Media, NicoNico via Kotaku

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