The Luigi’s Mansion arcade edition will be a light-gun port of Luigi’s Mansion 2.

Back in November last year, eagle-eyed Japanese arcade fans spotted these mysterious Luigi’s Mansion arcade machines at several Capcom location tests. Both Capcom and Nintendo have been very hush hush about the whole thing, but now… SEGA (of all people) has officially announced the project. The game will be coming to Japanese arcades this summer, and will be a 2-player light-gun port of the 3DS’s Luigi’s Mansion 2 (or Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon depending on your location).

The game will feature a controller shaped like Luigi’s signature vacuum cleaner, which you will shake to catch ghosts. Just like the original games, you’ll also be able to discover hidden items around the level to increase your score. The cabinet itself features a 55 inch screen, and has some special lighting effects.

Gloomy Mansion is the only level that has been seen so far, but we can assume that all of Luigi’s Mansion 2‘s levels will make it in there. Also, you’ll only get to see Luigi himself in cut-scenes, as the game will take place from a first person perspective.

If you’re in Japan, the game is getting another location test this weekend, and will also be on display at the Japan Amusement Expo. There’s no word on when (or if) this one will make its way stateside, but it may hopefully pave the way for a Wii U Luigi’s Mansion port.

It seems very odd that SEGA is announcing the game, since it seems to be developed as a collaboration between Capcom and Nintendo. It’ll also be on display in the SEGA area for the Japan Amusement Expo. Strange.

Source: SEGA via NeoGAF

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