Get a closer look at the world of Mafia III in this new trailer.

Mafia III is set in a reimagined New Orleans know as New Bordeaux, and the newest trailer for the game is showing off the different districts in the city. Styled as recording of an interview with John Donovan, the CIA handler of main character Lincoln Clay during the latter’s time in Vietnam, the trailer features Donovan describing the different parts of the city as they’re shown onscreen.

From the streets of Delray Hollow, where Lincoln Clay grew up, to the manicured lawns of Frisco Fields, to the backwaters of Bayou Fantom, the world of Mafia III offers a variety of places to explore. You can learn a little bit about them by checking out the video above.

Mafia III is coming to PC, PS4, and Xbox One on October 7.

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