Soon, Minecraft will have dungeons, villages, and creepy teleporting monsters.

An upgrade as big as Minecraft’s 1.8, or “Adventure,” update deserves a very special trailer. With this in mind Mojang has once again hit up the guys at Hat Films who have put together a trailer with appropriately epic aspirations.

The Adventure Update will add a whole host of new features to the game. Some of them will be big, like randomly generated dungeons and NPC villages, and others will be smaller, like the ability to sprint or deal out critical hits. There are even things that players probably won’t consciously notice at all, like updated biome coding, but will appreciate all the same. It’s not all fun and games though, as 1.8 also brings with it the mysterious “Endermen,” who seem to be one part internet meme, and one part Weeping Angel.

There’s no definite date for when the Adventure Update will arrive, but Jens Bergensten, one of the game’s development team, says that Mojang’s best guess is September 8th.

Source: Joystiq

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