Infinity Ward has just revealed the second clip of Modern Warfare 2‘s multiplayer, showing off capture the flag, knife throws and a few other interesting new features.

There’s no dual wielding in the newest clip of multiplayer footage, but will you accept knife throwing and capture the flag mode instead?

Infinity Ward says that the clip is direct-feed and “uncut,” but I have a hard time believing they don’t engineer these bits to cram as much information as they can into two minutes. In addition to the aforementioned knives-to-the-head and CTF, also revealed are a few interesting if not amazingly significant tidbits of information.

The first thing you might not notice is how player’s names are presented on the screen. Instead of just a name, a whole tag is displayed: it has an avatar (and it looks like there’s quite the variety), the name of the player, and a sort of title with a catchphrase. If you’ve played Street Fighter IV you’ll get the idea: they’re like little placards that say things like “The Surgeon” or “Armed and Dangerous” that you’ll use for pure vanity but probably be unable to resist collecting. Modern Warfare 2 will be packed to the brim with unlockables, it seems.

You also get to see a number of guns and the riot shield in action as the chaotic round of capture the flag plays out. Stick around after the Modern Warfare 2 logo flashes, however, for the neatest part. A player is walking up to kill someone else (like in the final bit of the last trailer, it’s again Fourzerotwo, AKA Infinity Ward community guy Robert Bowling) when all of a sudden the host drops out of the game. Instead of pushing you all the way back to a game select screen, however, Modern Warfare 2 will apparently search for a new host on-the-fly, and, at least in the video, find a new one in a matter of seconds. So you can keep playing, and land that throwing knife into the other dude’s head.

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