New Modern Warfare 2 Trailer This Sunday


If you’re eagerly waiting for Modern Warfare 2, you might get something to help whet your appetite: There’s a new trailer en route for this Sunday, October 4th.

The footage above is old – we saw that at the beginning of the month – but come this weekend, we’ll have some more footage to drool over. As I-Dub’s community manager, Robert “FourZeroTwo” Bowling Tweeted: “Just reviewed the final cut, this is the one I’ve been waiting for! All new Modern Warfare 2 trailer hits online Sunday, OCT 4th.”

CoD Mewtwo is the heavyweight hitter of this holiday season, and with its release a month (and change) away, I expect that publisher Activision will be ramping up the hype machine to overdrive, with this trailer as the ignition spark.

Anyone feel like betting on what Holiday ’09 games will end up pushed to 2010 after the latest trailer is unveiled? You have to figure that at some point, Infinity Ward is going to have to go apologize for ruining Christmas for everybody else.

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