Shadows of Esteren Monster

With just over two days left to go, a new Kickstarter project for the Shadows of Esteren medieval horror tabletop RPG has blown past its goal of $20,000 with over $100,000 in funds raised.

Shadows of Esteren has previously seen tremendous success on Kickstarter, and the trend continues with its latest fundraising project to produce a new supplement titled “Occultism,” and the cross-media series’ third music album, “Rise.”

The 120 page “Occultism” book details professions related to esotericism and mysticism, and includes several game aids, additional rules, as well as a lengthy adventure (called a “scenario.”) The “Rise” music album is meant to accompany the book, and the two composers of its 15 songs describe the sounds as “reminiscent of Ennio Morricone, but flirting with darker, more electric tones similar to Radiohead.”

I’m a huge fan of Ennio Morricone’s soundtracks – particularly his work on The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly – so I can’t wait to hear what “Rise” has to offer. I’ve run a few sessions of Shadows of Esteren and am quite fond of the game, which offers exceptional production values, a very deep and unique world full of lore, and a strong focus on story.

The devs offered us an exclusive first look at a new monster that will be featured in the “Black Moon Handbook.” An undead creature inspired by Sadako Yamamura of the Ringu series (the original, Japanese version of The Ring), Joderine is just one of the creatures to be found in the 68 pages of the ghost-themed “Black Moon Handbook.”

Read her write-up, below, and click the thumb beneath it for a full-resolution version of Joderine.

The motivations of Joderine, lurking in her lair, are unclear. Maybe she just wants to take revenge on every living being? Throughout her life, she felt cheated, and since her death, she is but a tormented mass of rage and hatred. A sadistic thing, she seeks to spread anguish and confusion, to methodically disunite, isolate, terrify, and break all those who come within her reach. Maybe she plans to prey on a particularly weak-willed individual whom she will be able to subjugate or manipulate… or whom she can dupe into believing that she knows the secrets of the world of the dead, or the location of buried treasures, asking for sacrifices in return for her services.

Did I mention that, of the countless horror movies I’ve watched, The Ring is (somehow) the single standout that actually kept me up at night? Thanks, Shadows of Esteren – who needs sleep, anyway?

You can try out Shadows of Esteren for free by downloading the starter kit PDF, and you can learn more about the game and its latest crowndfunding project right here on Kickstarter.

Would you folks be interested in seeing some Shadows of Esteren gameplay livestreamed on The Escapist‘s channel?

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