New Songs and Content for 360 Version of Guitar Hero II


Activision has announced that Xbox 360 version of Guitar Hero II will feature not only 70 tracks and exclusive downloadable content, but the graphics will be updated to reflect the high definition capabilities of the 360, and the new guitar controllers will be modeled after the Gibson guitar.

Besides new songs, the new content includes themes, unlockable achievements, and pictures, which can all be accessed through Xbox Live Marketplace. There will be leaderboards to show you how your scores stack up against the world’s, as well.

The new tracks that have been announced thus far (there are ten new tracks in all) include:
“Billion Dollar Baby” by Alice Cooper, “Hush” by Deep Purple, “Dead!” by My Chemical Romance, “Life Wasted” by Pearl Jam, and “Rock and Roll Hoochie Koo” by Rick Derringer.

Guitar Hero II is due out for the 360 in the spring.

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