New Star Wars “Dungeon Crawler” Announced


Kabam Studios will be releasing its free-to-play RPG Star Wars: Uprising to mobile platforms this fall.

You know something the world needs more of? Star Wars RPGs. Granted, you could throw the whole “quality over quantity” thing in there, but really, we can’t be the only ones who find it odd that, in the entire history of video games, there’s only been a small handful of lightsaber-centric role-playing games?

Well, come this fall, we’ll able to add a new name to that short list. Announced today by Kabam Studio, Star Wars: Uprising and will be a mobile-based “dungeon crawler” taking place after the Empire’s defeat at the Battle of Endor. The game will follow the efforts of the player to help free the Anoat Sector from the grips of an Imperial governor trying to deny the death of the Emperor in an attempt to maintain control of his territory. Its development team will include people such as Daniel Erickson, the former creative for The Old Republic, and Danny Keller, an episode director for Star Wars: The Clone Wars.

While the game will be mobile-based and free-to-play, Kabam wants to reassure gamers that it will still be a full-fledged and legitimate RPG experience. For instance, in addition to a single-player campaign with “large-scale” battles, the game will also include “real-time co-op” and customize-able player characters that can combine classes and attributes to create something best-suited to each person’s unique play style. It will also have “iconic” Star Wars gear, some of which will be purchasable with real world cash should players get sick of grinding for it.

The big question that comes out of the game’s announcement, of course, is what you all think of it. While we’d say that it sounds like a game with potential, we could understand some being disappointed that it’s not something more akin to Knights of the Old Republic. The fact that it’s a mobile title could also be a turn off for some who prefer their games with bigger screens and controllers.

Source: Wired

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