Marvel Super Hero Squad Online‘s new trailer highlights the game’s world and starring characters, all of which look adorable.

Kid-friendly MMOGs are a growing market, but none of them have boasted characters as popular as those featured in the upcoming Marvel Super Hero Squad Online. Many details about the game remain to be revealed (such as how the game actually play and how large the world will be), but the latest trailer to come out for the title makes no secret that both Super Hero City and its protectors are ridiculously cute.

Characters like Spider-Man, Thor, the Hulk, Dr. Strange, and the Human Torch are just a few of the heroes players will be able to control. Aside from that, locations of Super Hero City like the Daily Bugle building and Oscorp’s headquarters are shown off. Finally, the trailer shows some examples of how players will be able to customize their headquarters, fight ninjas, bounce on trampolines, and stuff themselves silly with hamburgers.

Whether or not this game will actually be fun for older gamers remains to be seen, but the footage in the trailer is pretty adorable. I’ve never been overly amazed by the cartoon show and toys that the game is based on, but my little cousins are in love with both. If the Marvel Super Hero Squad Online manages to be as cute and fun as it looks like it will be, Marvel and Gazillion Entertainment are sure to have a hit on their hands.

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