Zombies, explosions, and even some humor all make an appearance in the second theatrical trailer for Thor.

Marvel has released a new trailer for the upcoming Thor movie, and where the first trailer just hinted at the kind of Norse-inspired, hammer-wielding action we could expect, the second has no problems with putting it front and center for all to see.

The first half of the trailer focuses on Thor’s arrival on Earth, with the obligatory – but still amusing – sections where he acts strangely in public places. He also gets tazed, which for a thunder god is rather ironic. In the second half of the trailer, however, the action picks up, as Thor introduces some Asgardian zombies to the business end of his hammer, Mjolnir, and a number of things explode rather spectacularly. We also get another look at the Destroyer – the giant armored thing – who blasts Thor with his face laser/fire breath.

There’s something about this trailer that makes it feel more engaging than the first. Perhaps it’s because this trailer contains less exposition and set up, and more of the action and the characters – essentially being a better indication of what the movie is like, rather than what it’s about. Thor opens in theaters on May 6th.

Source: Bleeding Cool

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