Ben Serviss of Saber Interactive has taken part in a new Q&A session with fans of the upcoming FPS, TimeShift, answering questions about vehicles, unlockables and multiplayer support.

The game will support a wide range of multiplayer customization options, Serviss said. “You can select from other 30 skins and infinite shades of colors. You can also adjust what weapons are available in a given match by creating a new preset and tweaking the load-outs, in addition to the myriad of options you can customize.” He said the game will include 14 multiplayer maps at release, with more becoming available for download in the future. While an online ranking system for the PC version of the game won’t be supported out of the box, he said, a future patch will also add that functionality.

Asked about “unlockables” in the game, Serviss responded, “Aside from the Achievements available in the Xbox 360 version of the game, we do have an unlockables menu that rewards players for progressing through the game. Depending on the level, you can unlock concept art, the FMVs and the complete soundtrack. We also have an exclusive multiplayer skin that’s only available if you pre-order the game.”

The full text of the TimeShift Q&A, including details about gameplay and level information, is available at the Sierra Community Forums.

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