New Trailer for Dead Island: Epidemic MOBA has Sharknados


Dead Island: Epidemic is the first ZOMBA, and it’s taking the series in a sillier direction.

When the world was first graced with the Dead Island series, it was through an emotional trailer involving a couple and little girl battling the outbreak. The game ended up being vastly different than the trailer led to believe, to some people’s dismay.

But it seems like Deep Silver and Techland are now grasping the true appeal of their franchise, if the trailer for Dead Island 2 is any indication. The newest trailer for Dead Island: Epidemic further solidifies the tone shift.

Dead Island: Epidemic is a Dead Island free-to-play MOBA. It pits 4-player teams against a variety of gross zombies in either horde or scout mode, and there’s also PvP that puts three 4-player teams against each other. The eSports enthusiast-styled trailer divulges many details about the upcoming game, like the crafting possibilities available.

Oh yeah, and there’s sharknados!

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