Only three days left, but this new trailer will sate your appetite for Skyrim – for a while.

Like the rest of the known universe, I am anxiously waiting to play the next Elder Scrolls game. One of Bethesda’s strengths in the series has been its excellent world-building detail and after watching the latest trailer, Skyrim is no different. Watch the beauty of the northern country and get a glimpse of random sidequests and merchant dialogue below. Skyrim is out this Friday, November 11th, on PC, Xbox 360 and PS3.

I’ve been generally avoiding spoiling the experience of playing Skyrim by learning too much about it, but it’s been hard to resist looking over Steve Butts shoulder as he plays the game for our review this Friday.

This “World” trailer, I couldn’t resist. From the first time I heard a Khajit refer to itself as Khajit to the closing dialogue delivered by Max Von Sydow, this two minute snippet of the world of Skyrim has got me pumped more than anything else I’ve seen from the game.

Well, except for that dragon.

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