Capcom has released a new trailer, showcasing Street Fighter V‘s first downloadable character, Alex, in action.

Capcom today released a trailer showing off Alex, the first post-launch downloadable character to join the Street Fighter V roster, in action. Alex first debuted in Street Fighter III in 1997, and will be available later today for PlayStation 4 and PC users alike.

Capcom previously announced that DLC would be available using in-game currency, aka Fight Money. That will go live as part of today’s update, alongside Alex being made available. Since the In-Game Shop for real currency – Zenny – still isn’t available yet, Alex will be free to all players for a trial period, as will be the case for all future DLC characters that may release before the Zenny shop goes live. After that point, players will use either Fight Money, Zenny, or their Season Passes to get the characters. Earlier this week the first part of the update released, adding Challenge Mode, Trials, a rematch option, and assorted bug fixes.

“Finally, as a way of thanking players for their patience and understanding throughout the beta phases and game launch, Capcom is making Ryu and Chun-Li’s Story Mode Costumes available for free to all users beginning today,” Capcom revealed. “This is an 80,000 Fight Money value; almost the full amount of a new character. Capcom is planning to release a steady stream of new characters, modes and other enhancements throughout the year and the Street Fighter V team is excited to begin the robust post launch support this week.”

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