New Vanquish Trailer Suits Up to Shoot Giant Robots

What’s cooler than sliding into cover under heavy gunfire? Sliding into cover under heavy gunfire with a rocket-propelled suit of power armor, that’s what.

In the first few moments of this trailer for Shinji Mikami’s Vanquish, you might find yourself rolling your eyes and groaning. “Oh yay,” you lament, your voice laden with sarcasm. “Another generic shooter involving a generically-bestubbled badass in a suit of power armor. I have never played a game such as this before. I wonder which weapon I shall receive first, the shotgun or the assault rifle.”

Several seconds later, you may find yourself saying, “Okay, I guess those rocket jets on the back of his suit are pretty cool. And sliding everywhere like that looks like it’d be kind of effective as a dodging mechanism. You don’t say that too often.”

And then, perhaps you might exclaim, “Holy crap! He just flipped with those rockets and kicked that dude in the face! That was awesome!”

That is, you’d be saying that if you were anything like me. I most definitely approve of Vanquish‘s A.R.S. Battle Suit – at the very least, you’d be getting some nasty carpet burn without it, what with all that sliding!

Vanquish is out October 19th in North America and the 22nd in Europe.

(Via Joystiq)

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