New York Law to Block Sales to Minors and Limit Violence


A series of New York laws plan to ban sales to underage gamers and limit violence presented in games.

A couple of new laws have been proposed to the New York assembly with the goal of limiting sales of violent games to minors.

Assembly Representative Keith Wright proposed bill A00547 to prevent minors from buying games that contain violent crimes, sexual, racial or religious violence, suicide, or the use of illegal drugs. Stores would also be forced to feature an “Adults Only” section that could only be accessed by those over 30 years of age. Rep. Aurelia Greene offered a similar bill that covers titles that feature “adult images such as morbid violence, rape, alcohol and illegal drug use, as well as other malicious acts.”

Recently, the court system has been supportive of the industry and has stopped the majority of anti-game legislation. Judge Kennelly of Illinois has even recently forced the state to repay legal fees incurred by the ESA when Illinois attempted to force legislation through the system.

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