New Zealand Artists Exhibits DS Paintings


A pair of New Zealand artists are showing off two collections of pictures drawn entirely on Nintendo’s duel-screen handheld.

Christian Pearce and Greg Broadmore used a homebrew painting application called ‘Colors’, which is also now available on the iPhone, to create two lots of 99 images. The collections, entitled ’99 Dodgy Falls’, made up entirely of nude women slipping on banana peels, and ’99 Killer Sleds, an assortment of hot-rods that never were.

But why 99 images? Well the artists explained it thus:

“The premise behind the 99DS series is a simple one – pick a subject, draw it 99 times and hit save. And why 99? That’s how many save slots Colors supports, and also coincides with the point at which one entertains thoughts of stylus-based seppuku.”

The exhibition is open until the 27th Ferbruary at the Civic Square in Wellington. For those of you not planning a trip to New Zealand in the next week however, the images can also be seen here.

Source: Offworld

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