Next City of Heroes/Villains Expansion Announced


NCsoft has announced the first details about their next expansion, City of Heroes/Villains Issue 10: Invasion.

The Rikti have returned in this world event, which spans numerous zones, including Paragon City and the Rogue Isles. With new technology and an old agenda, the destruction of the Earth, the Rikti are resuming their assault.

Their return provides level 35-plus character with quite a few new experiences including:

  • New level 35-plus War Zone around their crashed mother ship.
  • New threats in the form of Rikti pylons which require great effort to destroy.
  • Wew Vanguard technology to aid characters in the fight.
  • New level 35-plus missions.
  • Rikti Co-op Task Force mission for six to eight characters of level 45-50.

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