Next Wave Of Amiibos Contains GIANT Yarn Yoshi


The latest batch of Nintendo’s popular amiibo figures includes a giant-sized yarn Yoshi.

Fans of Nintendo’s collectible content-unlocking amiibos have just been given a peek at what to expect for the coming season. Among the November lineup of releases includes the Mii Fighter 3-pack, Falco, Mewtwo and a gigantic “mega” Yarn Yoshi. Yep, if you loved the Yoshi’s Woolly World amiibos but were dismayed that they weren’t big enough to actually cuddle, Nintendo has gone ahead and granted your wish.

Check em all out below:

The Mii Fighter 3-pack will arrive on November 1, priced at $34.99, while Mewtwo will launch on November 13, and Falco will hit on November 20, both for $12.99. The gigantic cuddleable Mega Yarn Yoshi will launch on November 27, for the plus-sized price of $39.99.

Functionally, the Mega Yarn Yoshi will work exactly the same as the regular Yarn Yoshis, activating the “Double Yoshi” popwerup to use in any Yoshi’s Wooly World stage. The Mii Fighters, Mewtwo and Falco will each have “Figure Player” functionality in Super Smash Bros. 4, and Falco is set to have some kind of yet unannounced functionality with the upcoming Star Fox Zero.

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