Nine-Minute BioShock 2 Gameplay Video Released


A new nine-minute video walkthrough of BioShock 2 has been posted, offering a good look at how the crumbling city of Rapture and its denizens come together to make life miserable for a poor Big Daddy.

Narrated by BioShock 2 Creative Director Jordan Thomas, the preview begins with the player waking up in the shoes of the very first Big Daddy while Tenenbaum whispers sweet nothings over the game’s ever-present radio. The video demonstrates the player’s overwhelming capabilities against rank-and-file splicers and also shows off the process of ADAM gathering and the risks associated with it; naturally, a rather unpleasant encounter with the Big Sister also features prominently.

“[BioShock] offered hard choices to the first-person shooter player,” Thomas says in the opening of the video. “So for BioShock 2, we have to trust you with more difficult moral decisions and allow you to shape your own role in the narrative in a way that is new and surprising.”

Brief clips from this video have been seen previously but this is the first (as far as I know) preview that begins to piece together the complex relationships between the player, the splicers, the Little Sisters and the Big Sister. It looks great and it’s unmistakably a BioShock game but can it capture the magic of the original? Have a look for yourself at IGN.

Thanks to Reaper_2K9 for the tip.

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