“They’re actually going up there this week.”

Billings Farm & Museum in Vermont issued a challenge to Nintendo – a contest to see who can milk real cows the fastest. And it looks like Nintendo has actually accepted the challenge.

Billings sent the challenge in the form of a letter, which it then posted on Facebook, along with the following caption:

“So Nintendo has a new game out called 1-2-Switch and we noticed it includes a cow milking game. We sent them a message inviting them out to our farm to show them how it’s REALLY done and to school them at their own game. Haven’t heard back yet.

Maybe they’re too afraid of a little challenge…”

The official Nintendo account responded to the post, and the two exchanged some brief trash talking.

nintendo cow milking challenge accepted

If that wasn’t amusing enough, Polygon contacted Nintendo of America and received confirmation that “they’re actually going up there this week.” Now let’s just hope that it’s streamed (pun so very intended) somewhere.

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