Core gamers aren’t satisfied with what Nintendo does for them, the company has admitted. But that’s just how it should be, they say. After all, if Nintendo satisfied us, what fun would that be?

In an interview with Bitmob, Nintendo’s Denise Kaigler admitted that her company is unable to satisfy the appetites of “core gamers” (whatever that means) for “everything Nintendo.” She’s right – we want more Mario, more Metroid, more Zelda. Less Wii Fit, less Cooking Mama (okay maybe more Cooking Mama).

But instead of admitting that Nintendo should be doing more to satisfy core gamers, Kaigler reasons that withholding satisfaction from them is the best way to do things: “When we get to a point where core gamers say, ‘OK, Nintendo, enough! We don’t need any more games from you guys…’ None of us wants to be in that position, right?”

See, it’s a complex relationship where Nintendo is the provider and gamers are the consumers, and when gamers stop wanting to consume, Nintendo loses its purpose. “We don’t want your appetite to ever be satisfied, because when we satisfy you, it’s time for us to go,” Kaigler said. “And none of us wants to go home. So there’s this sort of fun…relationship, I think, that’s happening between Nintendo and the hardcore gamer – which we enjoy and hope that the core gamer enjoys it.”

Core gamers of the world, do you enjoy it? Do you really enjoy it?

[Via Kotaku]

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