Nintendo Muzzles Miyamoto


Nintendo has slapped a gag on legendary designer Shigeru Miyamoto over concerns that he may accidentally spill the beans on Nintendo’s next big idea.

The order focuses specifically on Miyamoto’s hobbies, which have thus far been absolute gold for Nintendo. His love of puzzles laid the foundation for the runaway success of the Brain Training phenomenon on the Nintendo DS, his decision to take up music lessons led to Wii Music and perhaps most famously, his interest in exercise and watching his weight became the hugely popular Wii Fit. It appears that Miyamoto has a magic touch for turning what he likes to do into things everybody likes to do, and as a result, Nintendo doesn’t want him talking about what he likes to do anymore.

Claiming that “any glimpse inside his head could be worth billions,” the Times Online says, “Even the most fleeting insight into how Mr. Miyamoto is spending his work or play-time is creating huge interest. In short, the gaming and investment communities are wondering which of his current pastimes will be translated into a virtual rendition that will attract millions of sales five years from now.”

Of course, Miyamoto has done more with his time at Nintendo than just turn his hobbies into Mount Fuji-sized piles of cash. Among his credits are Donkey Kong, the Mario franchise, The Legend of Zelda, Star Fox and numerous other hit Nintendo properties. Miyamoto’s “touch” is unrivaled in the industry, so it’s no wonder Nintendo doesn’t want him talking too much; he might accidentally sneeze and get money on people.

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