Nintendo Promotes New Vice President


Nintendo of America chooses Steve Singer as Vice President of Licensing.

Nintendo of America announced that Steve Singer is their new vice president of licensing. He is replacing Juana Tingdale, who will be retiring from a 22-year career at Nintendo.

Singer joined Nintendo in 1999 as the general manager of Latin America. Replacing Steve Singer’s position will be Melissa Wright, who has been working with Singer since he joined the company. She will now be managing Nintendo’s Latin American business, as well as growing the company’s reach in Southeast Asia and the Middle East.

Mike Fukuda, executive vice president of the licensing group, commented on Singer’s promotion: “Juana built the licensing division from the ground up, and now hands over a very strong foundation for Steve to build upon. Steve is adept at relationship building and maneuvering the intricacies of international business — essential traits in today’s global games business and where game publishers have to make wise decisions where to allocate development resources.”

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