Nintendo Responds to 3DS Headache Complaints


Nintendo has some advice for the “hundreds” of gamers complaining about headaches resulting from use of the new 3DS handheld console: take a break, Brainiac.

Have you heard the one about the guy who goes to his doctor, throws his arm up in the air and says, “It hurts when I do this,” and then the doctor says, “So don’t do that?” That’s pretty much Nintendo’s advice to gamers who have been complaining that the 3DS is literally causing them headaches.

“We have shown Nintendo 3DS at multiple events around the world to literally hundreds of thousands of people and have received very few negative comments,” Robert Saunders, Nintendo’s head of communications, said in response to a collection of Tweets complaining about the device posted on on MaxConsole.

“As with anything that requires focus, from reading to staring at a computer screen, taking frequent breaks is always recommended,” he continued. “When viewing any kind of 3D images (TV, movies etc.), some people might experience minor discomfort. The effects are short term and have no lasting effect, in fact most players can continue after taking a short break. The Nintendo 3D was designed with a 3D depth slider that lets users adjust the 3D effect to a level that suits them for optimum enjoyment.”

All joking aside, it’s pretty reasonable advice. Just as it is with first-person shooters, an unlucky few are likely to suffer immediate and unavoidable effects while using the 3DS, at least in 3D mode, but for most of us it’s a pretty simple matter. If you’re feeling dizzy or getting a headache, put it down and go do something else. It really ain’t that complicated.

Source: MaxConsole

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