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Rumor: Game Boy Advance Games May Be Coming to Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch Online GBA games emulator Sloop Hiyoko Game Boy Advance leak

When it comes to Nintendo Switch Online (NSO), rumors and reports come and go. Last year, more than one outlet reported as a sure thing that Game Boy games were imminently arriving on NSO. It didn’t happen. Instead, Nintendo 64 and Sega Genesis games arrived as part of Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack, and Game Boy continues to be AWOL on the service. However, there appears to be some intriguing new info on that front. Allegedly, an official Game Boy Advance (GBA) emulator from Nintendo called Sloop has been discovered, for use on Switch. Twitter user @trashbandatcoot drew attention to the discovery, and it was retweeted by @LuigiBlood, who is in the know about Nintendo datamining.

Apparently, at least four files have been leaked to 4chan, including Sloop and a separate emulator for Game Boy games called Hiyoko.

Another Twitter user, @RatgorlHunter, had uploaded footage allegedly showing Sloop in action to emulate GBA games on Nintendo Switch, but the user has since deleted their account.

Even if all of this information is completely accurate, it does not guarantee that Game Boy and/or GBA games are coming to Nintendo Switch Online. However, it certainly makes the prospect more plausible. In any case, it would make a lot of people happy if they could play Game Boy Advance games like Metroid Fusion or (dare to dream) Mother 3 on Nintendo Switch.

Update: There is an alleged list of GBA games that have been tested in the emulator, per @Mondo_Mega.

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