Nintendo Warns Consumers Against Cartridge “FuFu”


Nintendo wants gamers to celebate the 25th anniversary of Super Mario Bros., just as long as they don’t blow into their cartridges.

With Nintendo celebrating the 25th anniversary of Super Mario Bros. this month (in Japan), it’s assuming that many a gamer will be breaking out their Famicom/NES cartridges in tribute to the plumber’s first “super” appearance. The company even released a bunch of videos to celebrate Mario’s history, but inadvertently may have promoted something it shouldn’t have.

Namely, Nintendo shows a guy performing “fufu” – as Tiny Cartridge says the act is called in certain circles – on a Super Mario Bros. Famicom cart. In other words, he’s blowing into it to get it to work, an act I feel bad that the younger of us may never experience, what with their holo-discs and their “Steam” download machine.

Whether “fufu” is an old wives tale or a genuine way to get a wonky cartridge to start up, nobody can say for sure, but it always seemed to work for me. Either way, Nintendo does not condone “fufu,” even though it acknowledged its widespread use in the commercial.

In a new commercial created to fix Nintendo’s faux-pas, Nintendo sort of hilariously imposes a bunch of text over its own “fufu” performer. The text warns those that would seek to blow into their cartridges by saying it may remove dust, but could also end up leading to rusty connectors, and even death (of a cartridge).

If you’ve ever caught committing and act of “fufu” by Nintendo, expect a strong scolding. And then just keep on doing it anyway.

Source: Tiny Cartridge

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