Nintendo’s Miiverse Update Restricts Commenting Frequency

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Miiverse users can post no more than one comment every three minutes on other’s posts.

Nintendo’s most recent update to Miiverse went live today. One update brought the web version in line with the Wii U and 3DS versions, and the other update reduces the frequency Miiverse users can comment on the same post belonging to another person.

This means no more rapid succession of posts from the same person on one post. This restriction does not apply to a user’s replies on their own posts. The comment section of the Miiverse post informing users of the update indicates that users dislike the change and have started a #SaveMiiverse hashtag. Users have concerns over the ability to have conversations with other people if they can only reply once every three minutes. Other users asked for an increase in the character limit to posts. Posts typically need to be 200 characters or less, and users resort to making multiple posts in succession. Miiverse does not come off as a place to have long conversations with others.

The other half of the update added an icon at the top of the Communities screen that, when clicked, filters posts to only show posts from verified users, who are mostly Nintendo employees or game developers. Nintendo also added a community search function that allows users to search for communities by software title.

Despite being open for fans to form communities surrounding certain Nintendo games, Miiverse is a difficult place to hold a conversation. With character-limiting posts and a restriction on the frequency of posts, Miiverse isn’t a place suited for back-and-forth on discussions. Hopefully the update will at least encourage users to cut back on useless posts.

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