Gamers will be able to pick up a Zelda 3DS XL bundle at Target for $150 on Black Friday.

Nintendo has a habit of releasing dolled up versions of its hardware to accompany big releases. It does this, of course, because it knows that we mere mortals are suckers who will happily slap down hundreds of dollars for a console or handheld that, save for a fancy paint job, is essentially identical to the one we already own.

Case in point, last month the company unveiled a golden 3DS XL that it planned to bundle with The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds. I already have a 3DS XL; a nice red one that I enjoy quite thoroughly. Even so, the second I saw that Zelda 3DS, I wanted it and I wanted it bad. Sadly, my hopes of getting one were quickly dashed by the reality of my not having $220 to throw around.

There might still be some hope, however, thanks to Black Friday. While America’s premier shopping holiday may be a black hole of misery for the people working it, it does play host to some genuinely good deals. Target, for instance, will be selling my precious A Link Between Worlds 3DS XL bundle for a mere $150. It’s still not chump change by any means, but it’s enough of a discount to incite the less responsible side of mind that’s perfectly okay with eating ramen so I can spend my grocery money on videogames. I guess I should consider myself fortunate that I don’t live near a Target. Otherwise, there might be some bad decisions in my near future.

Source: GameSpot

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