Grasshopper Manufacture’s sequel to No More Heroes is taking the only logical approach to following up a game about slicing up people with lightsabers: it’s adding twice as many of them.

No More Heroes designer and Grasshopper Manufacture guru Suda51’s been quick to learn what took George Lucas four movies to understand. When you have people using beam swords, the only thing better than that, and even better than dual-bladed beam swords, is using two beam swords at once.

That’s what Travis Touchdown will be doing in No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle, according to Famitsu scans that revealed the first details on the game. From what I can tell from the screenshots in the scans, gameplay will likely be similar to the first title, with copious amounts of blood and the major difference being, obviously, that Travis has two beat katanas instead of one.

Story-wise, Travis (obviously) returns, as well as Sylvia Christel, the sultry scammer who turned Travis’ life upside down in the first game. Sylvia seems to be playing a more significant role in No More Heroes 2, and sports some stylishly gigantic sunglasses. The game will likely find Travis battling rival assassins again, as Famitsu reveals two potential opponents, one a little girl in a grove and another a man named Nathan Copeland who uses what looks like a transformable boombox to fight.

I just have to ask: If, in this game, Travis gets his hands on the beam katana from the first game that had five blades coming out of it and then dual-wields them, will he literally be holding ten lightsabers at once?

Look for more on No More Heroes 2 coming out of E3 next week.

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