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Developer Sucker Punch Productions has posted a news update to discuss server maintenance and its legacy franchises, yet it contains some information that is likely to bum people out right before a holiday weekend. Chiefly, Sucker Punch said it currently has no plans to create new Sly Cooper or Infamous games, and it even goes so far as to say that “no other studio is currently working on projects related to those franchises either.”

Rather, the whole studio is apparently focused on the “current project,” which is likely to be a follow-up to the hit open-world adventure Ghost of Tsushima. That title has sold more than 8 million copies across its PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 versions to date, and there is even a Hollywood film in the works. Fans aren’t likely to have an issue with a Ghost of Tsushima sequel.

Sucker Punch isn’t saying new Sly Cooper and Infamous games will never come though. It at least said that the characters in these games “are very special and near and dear to our hearts,” and the developer would “never say never to re-opening those doors down the road.” They’re definitely not a priority right now though.

In the meantime, Infamous 2 UGC servers will receive a server migration to keep them going, and Sucker Punch is aiming to put Cole’s Legacy DLC for Infamous Second Son on the PlayStation Store in all territories.


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