A group of Noisebridge members who attempted to explain the miracle of science to Juggalos were shocked to learn that the Insane Clown Posse isn’t actually interested in learning how magnets work.

Miracles,” a track from the 2009 Insane Clown Posse album Bang! Pow! Boom!, is a surprisingly introspective song about the wonders of nature and how easy it is to lose our sense of wonder and overlook them. The song’s most famous line, expressing curiosity about the function of magnetism, actually inspired a full-blown internet meme and led a group of people from the Noisebridge community to attempt to answer ICP’s many questions.

Dressed in Juggalo makeup and lab coats and calling itself the Insane Clown Polytechnic, the group headed out to an ICP show in San Francisco with a number of diagrams explaining the science behind natural phenomena like butterflies, eclipses and magnets. Despite some concerns about their message being taken the wrong way, they found the response of the Juggalos waiting in line “far exceeded” their expectations.

Unfortunately, the band itself reacted in a rather different fashion, sending a couple of its crew outside the venue to run them off. One of the Noisebridge team tweeted that “a member of the band came outside to directly convey the intensity of their anger & to threaten us with violence,” while Violent J, one of the Insane Clowns, wrote on his own Twitter account that “Corp, Dougie & Sugar Slam ran those scientist haters off.” According to the Noisebridgers, however, they weren’t run off but left the area after all the Juggalos had gone inside.

Whatever the case, the rejection shouldn’t have come as too much of a surprise: ICP made it clear in the song that while it doesn’t really understand how the natural world works, it’s not especially interested in learning about it, either. “I don’t wanna talk to a scientist, y’all motherf**kers lying, and getting me pissed,” the duo wrote. I guess that sense of wonder only goes so far.

Source: Laughing Squid

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