For a while it seemed like it would never happen, but with a little extra help from Namco, Noby Noby Boy‘s GIRL has finally gotten her ass to Mars.

About a month and a half ago things weren’t looking so good for Noby Noby Boy‘s GIRL. Being the kind of galactic life form that can only grow when Noby Noby Boy players report the lengths of their BOYs to her, she found herself suddenly stuck on the moon when people stopped playing the game. It would take her 2000 days to get to Mars, according to statistics.

Trapped on that frigid and lifeless sphere made of cheese, GIRL began to lose hope. Namco, however, came to her rescue. If they couldn’t get people to stick with Noby Noby Boy, well then they’d just make the most of the people who were still playing it. And so they instituted Lucky Week, a promotional period that ended last Friday during which multipliers would be applied to player-reported BOY lengths. At one point, it got as high as 765.

And so GIRL got her ass to Mars, with a little bit of cheating, sure, but she’s still there. Her next stop? Jupiter. Estimates count that as taking 152 days from today. That’s a long way to go, BOYs and GIRLs, but it’s better than 2000.

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