Noby Noby Boy Stretches to Uranus


Fans of Noby Noby Boy have played enough to allow Noby Noby girl to stretch to Uranus, much to the delight of sniggering journalists everywhere.

It is pronounced Yoo-ran-us, people. This article will not be the butt of a series of immature arse jokes.

Noby Noby Boy, the last game Katamari Damacy creator Keita Takahasi made for Namco Bandai before going on to design school playgrounds, is weird. Really weird. The game features very few traditional goals, instead players are tasked with stretching the titular Noby Noby Boy as far as possible. The collective stretching of the player base is recorded by GIRL, a giant … thing that stretches off into space.

GIRL reached the moon four days after Noby Noby Boy’s release, and then mars a few months later. Girl finally reached Uranus last week, after 1045 days of play. What’s impressive about these achievements is that the in game distances are real; meaning GIRL has stretched a minimum of 2.57 billion kilometres to bask in the glory of Uranus.

Neptune is next, I’m sure that’ll get just as many headlines.

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