Long Jaunt, Norland, indie, city builder, management, sim

Norland from developer Long Jaunt will give players the keys to a funny little medieval kingdom when it launches for PC in fall 2022. A reveal trailer for the indie medieval management sim was published today and sets the stage for a strategic city builder inspired by the likes of Rimworld, Crusader Kings, and Caesar. Norland’s citizens each have their own wants and needs, with Long Jaunt explaining on its Steam page that the royal family’s relationships will take on complex forms as each campaign progresses. Check out a story filled with “love, hatred, friendship, envy, jealousy, betrayal, and a lust for power” in the Norland trailer below.

The Norland reveal trailer paints a peaceful picture at first but quickly spirals into a tale of death, violence, and war. The complexities are what drive gameplay, with players tasked with making decisions with no clear right or wrong answer. Planning is vital, but reacting to the behavior of your village is maybe even more important. For more replayability, the starting conditions will change when beginning a new game.

Build a strong enough village and the option to politically engage with other kingdoms will arise. Large-scale events, such as conflict with other kingdoms, illnesses, and natural disasters, will also stir the pot from time to time, so it’s probably best that you don’t get too comfortable. Ensuring a bright future for the irritable people of Norland sounds like a handful, but the chaos that will inevitably ensue should be glorious to watch.

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