Notch Tweaking Minecraft’s Endermen


Minecraft’s spooky new monsters won’t be wrecking your house for much longer.

The recent 1.8, or “Adventure,” update introduced the Endermen: a race of tall and slender creatures who really, really don’t like being looked at. Their abilities, which – among other things – includes moving blocks around, makes them almost a creepy counterpoint to the player, but Mojang founder Markus “Notch” Persson thinks he may have to rethink some of their powers.

Specifically, it’s that block carrying ability that seems to the sore point. Writing on Twitter, Notch said that Endermen moving blocks around was a “horrible idea,” and that he planned to “nerf” it. The Endermen are able to pick up both natural and player placed blocks, meaning that they can do extensive damage to players’ structures, and potentially allow other monsters to find their way in as well.

Even if they won’t be able to tear down your carefully constructed doom fortress anymore, they Endermen are still pretty scary. Notch makes no mention of nerfing their ability to teleport close to you and kill you if you look directly at them, and that’s the part that’s really scary.

Source: VG247

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